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we are here today to pay our last respects to Ö

Is the thought of giving a eulogy adding additional weight to the  emotional load you are already carrying?  Whether youíre a good friend, coworker, spouse, or a relative of the deceased . . .

SOMEONE expects YOU to deliver a eulogy!

Or maybe you just want to give one. But not just any eulogy - a eulogy that is unique and memorable as the deceased was. Thatís hard enough, but while every person associated with the deceased stares at you, youíre also supposed to make your words loving, tasteful and unforgettable.  

Very few people can make a successful eulogy
 without some help!

Iíve seen many loving people upset with themselves for years after the funeral because they just couldn't verbalize the extreme sentiment they had for their loved one. Nerves and emotions are expected in such a trying time, so a little direction, like you'll get from this Ebook, will go a long way toward making your eulogy convey your deep feelings.

With our help youíll be able to confidently respond ďIt would be an honor for me to eulogize our departed ...Ē

So, Are you still thinking about throwing a eulogy together on the day of the funeral or memorial service?


You will be making a presentation during one of the most solemn occasions of your life. You want to express how you feel about your departed loved one, friend, coworker, or spouse in a way thatís moving and loving.

Do you know?

Your eulogy may include additional people in attendance at the funeral or memorial service?  Eulogies are not limited to merely reminiscing about past experiences shared with the deceased. 

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Eulogy Speeches
not only gives you 22 sample Eulogies
to choose from, but it gives you 47 different paragraph ideas so you can put together a touching eulogy with the least pain. Our reminders will virtually eliminate the chance you'll get writer's block.

You'll get samples for:












AND, you'll also get 110 serious and loving quotations that can be used before, during or after your eulogy. 

PLUS you'll get 14 funny, but tasteful pieces of humor to relieve the tension that will be surrounding everyone the day of the funeral and memorial services.

Are you ready to find the perfect eulogy 
and deliver it with perfection?

YES! Click here to be on your way to an easy, heartfelt eulogy. Youíll be so glad you did (and so will the guests)!

NO? . . . Please re-think! Donít close yourself off from such an important event while you panic in the car with a pen and a napkin! Let Eulogy Speeches help you for 5 minutes, saving YOU days, months, perhaps years of regretÖ

Special Gifts From Me To You

Because there have been so many nasty stories that have come out of the funeral industry with regard to abuses of unsuspecting and emotionally distraught people, I have compiled a special resource section that will make it easy for you to find the information you need during your emotionally strained time:

If you are a friend to the people making the funeral decisions, this ebook is a great gift that could save them thousands of dollars in poor decisions. You have my blessings to email your copy to the person(s) charged with planning the funeral or memorial service.

You'll also get checklists for:

  • Planning a Funeral

  • Taking the Initial Steps

  • Making Important Decisions

  • What To Do Before the Funeral

  • Funeral Homes  AND

  • 28 links to grief support and funeral planning websites

My Most Special Gift For You

I thought long and hard about this and I decided to give you the most cherished writing in my possession and I've written many full length books that sell around the world. This short piece of writing is the best and most impactful I've ever done.

It's the copy of the Eulogy I wrote for my dad in July of 2000 when he passed away. It has been read in 80 countries and resulted in hundreds of letters to me about how it touched the people that read it. Many people told me they wept as they saw his story unfold and they also told me that because of what I had written, they wrote a similar piece for their parents.

The format of my Dad's eulogy is extremely easy to copy and by having it you just might write something that will be passed on from generation to generation in your family.

I have been where you are now and I wrote this ebook to ease your pain just a little and to give you the tools to really express your loving sentiment.


Eulogy Speeches

To recap,  you get:

22 Eulogy Samples

47 Different Paragraph Ideas

110 Pieces of Loving and Sentimental Quotations

14 Humorous Quotations

28 Links to Grief Support and Funeral Planning Websites

5 Extremely Important Checklists


An easily copied format from my Dad's Eulogy that will most likely be remembered forever

This ebook is perfect for the

  • Sons

  • Daughters

  • Husbands

  • Wives

  • Coworkers

  • Parents

  • Step parents

  • Grandparents

  • Uncles

  • Aunts

  • Family

  • Friends

If you researched all the above it would take you 40 to 60 hours (I know, because I did it) Organizing and putting it in a usable format took another 30 (I did that too). You donít need to spend days working on this one important aspect of your difficult ordeal. We have tried to take all the worry and time out of this bittersweet task so you can spend more time with those that are close to you.


You can get everything you see above and be reading it five minutes after you order because it will be immediately downloadable in about 60 seconds. (Simply check your email for the download link). It comes in Adobe PDF format which can be read by MACs and PCs through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader thatís most likely installed on your computer already.


Get everything above immediately for only $17.00

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